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Where is Poipet?


Poitpet is a border town (with Thailand) in the province of Banteay Mean Chey. It has a population of over 41,000 and approximately 25,000 are landless poor who are squatting on government or privately owned land.  --> read more


History of Don Bosco in Poipet


The Don Bosco mission began in 1992 when the Salesians of Don Bosco arrived with a mission to assist orphans and poor youth. --> read more


The Children Home of Poipet


In this context and having account of those priorities, the Salesians of Don Bosco have started the foundation of what is today “Don Bosco Poipet”. .. --> read more

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A new cultural centre in Poipet

(This news is reported on the day that UNESCO releases its report, Illiteracy, a challenge for life.  The Salesians in Cambodia are doing their bit to respond to the high level of illiteracy in the country; 36% of adults nationwide are functionally illiterate; the level around Poipet is higher, perhaps as high as 50%)

POIPET: November 9, 2005 --- In a place known to both Cambodia and Thailand as the place for casinos, trafficking children, trade of any kind, - and poverty, Poipet, in the Banteay Meanchey Province seems an odd sort of place for a “cultural centre”.  Even odder if such a centre is dedicated to orphans, children rescued from trafficking and illiterate youth.
    It is easy to find beautiful stage sets  in the luxury casinos in contrast with the general poverty of Poipet; beautiful stage sets all prepared for Thai karaoke with bright lights for  rich customers.Therefore, a cultural centre with a beautiful stage and a clean library in the heart of Poipet can not be otherwise than unique and something rather wonderful, dedicated as it is to the persons who suffer more poverty and abuse in
Cambodia than anybody: the children.

    November 7 was a memorable date for Don Bosco Childrens Home. It was the date when Mr. Jan Evers officially opened the Centre. He is the Cordinator of the Technical Training Programme of the ETC Foundation, the main benefactor from Holland who made possible the construction and opening of the Cultural Centre.  The program of the opening, with the presence of local authorities, the Salesians, the educational community and the children, took place in the morning. Some speeches – not too long because the children like fun more than words – and a cultural program with traditional Khmer dance, songs, music and the Don Bosco Poipet Circus with great performances in the best style of young John Bosco.  It was all a way for the children in Poipet involved in the Don Bosco programs, to say they were really happy with all those good gifts coming from good hearts and God’s providence.  Mr. Kinn May, the librarian, said to the AustraLasia reporter: “This is the best for our kids… This is a place for them and we thank Mr. Jan and Don Bosco so much. Now we have to fill the place with books and programs. We have few books now, but they will come because our children really like to read and they must read good things for their hearts.”  



Don Bosco Centre Poipet, Palilai Village, Poipet Commune, O´chrov District, Banteay Meanchey Province, CAMBODIA

For easy mail trhough Thailand: Don Bosco Poipet, P.O.Box 37, Arayaprathet, Sakaew 27120, THAILAND

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