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Why a Youth Centre?

A Youth Centre is one of the main activities of our Youth Pastoral. It wants to gather children, teenagers and young people around programs of sport, art, informal language studies and other courses as computer systems in order to keep the youth away from social dangers.


The main place is our Don Bosco Children Home in Poipet, but the Youth Centre has to be decentralized in order to encounter other children and teenagers that cannot come to our Centre.


The main activities are to be developed during Saturday and Sunday, when our Centre is opened to outside children and teenagers who come freely to play in our green areas. But the Youth Centre has to move to other places too and operate also during the weekdays.


The director in charge of the Youth Centre is the Pastoral Youth in charge that now is Fr. Albeiro Rodas. Of course, many other are being involved in our organization as the social workers, child leaders and teachers.


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