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What is a Moto-dop?

The first people foreigners discover in Cambodia are the Moto-taxi drivers. They are everywhere in the country and they follow the foreigners closely saying in Khmer "Taw nah, bonn?" (Where do you go, brother?)

You can know from these people a thing: Cambodia has a high level of unemployment. The majority of the Moto-taxi drivers ("Neah Moto-dop" in Khmer) are young men among 20 and 30 years, some of them well educated men.

Moto-taxi drivers in general are good and kind people, although it is better you discuss with the first the price of any drive to any part of the Cambodian place you want to go. In Poipet for example, we never pay more than 1,000 Riels to go to any corner of the town (a quarter of a dollar). 

Why Moto-dops?

I had the idea of work with Moto-taxi drivers speaking whit them In Poipet most of them come from far provinces of Cambodia looking best opportunities. Most of them young men and good people ready to help and to work. Then, I thought, why not to give best opportunities to these people? They could help us in things like prevention of trafficking children and children sexual abuse as they get in contact with foreigners all the time. Moto-taxi drivers know very well the country, the people, the problems and they could be a seed of development in the general Cambodian cultural and society. To improve their life means that they will form good families and prevent violence in homes. They could be good agents of order, protection of environment and discipline ship in the streets.

Our program

I explained to them that they could learn English as they have to see with foreigners. It is rare to encounter a Moto-taxi driver who can speak English in Poipet. They could have better opportunities knowing a foreign language, dressing in a best way, keeping security norms as they bring people in their motorbikes (helmets, respect for traffic norms, safe velocity...), giving a good information to visitors to Cambodia and making campaigns of prevention on children abuse and trafficking. So then, these are our proposals to work:

1. English school for Moto-taxi drivers on weekends that would include norms of good manners, Cambodian cultural, general culture and thoughts about the Cambodian social problems as the trafficking children and others.

2. Involving them in other programs of our Centre as the House for the Street Children.

3. Soccer Championship for Moto-taxi drivers on weekends.


1. Improving the life of young Moto-taxi drivers that would influence in the social life of our country as social discipline ship, normal families and best opportunities of job.

2. Making a group of social agents (informal social workers) that would help in the solution of problems as the street children and prevention of child abuse in Poipet. 


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