Who we are?

The Don Bosco Children Home of Poipet in Cambodia is a work of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia (DBFC) that has its headquarters in Phnom Penh since 1991. It belongs to the Salesian Society of Don Bosco that has its headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The Salesians of Don Bosco is a Catholic organization dedicated to the education of children, young people and women from underprivileged communities in 130 countries. Although it belongs to the Catholic Church, it does not enforce religious conversations in all those who benefit from its programs. As an educational organization, it is a service to the underprivileged child, young and women without looking to their religion, ethnic, nationality or social condition.

We promote the human rights, the rights of children, the rights of women, social equality and development through education using the pedagogical method of Don Bosco.

We are convinced that education and communication are tools to fight poverty and improve the social conditions of any population over the world.