How is the project?

The project of the Don Bosco Children Home attends three priorities:

1. Vocational training.

2. A hostel/refuge for vulnerable children.
Youth Centre with sport facilities.

In this context and taking account of those priorities, the Salesians of Don Bosco have started the foundation of what is today “Don Bosco Poipet”. In November 2001 was acquired the first piece of land, 28.721 square meters. The construction started in March 2002 by raising the land and building a fence all around it. This work was completed at the end of May 2002. The purposes of the centre are:

 1.            Shelter homeless children by providing them with a temporary place to stay, a refuge away from the streets of Poipet: Home for children.

2.            Offer an alternative to life on the streets by providing a program which includes recreation and sports as well as education: Youth Centre.

3.            Implement a reintegration program to facilitate reintegration into the child/youth own family where possible: Social work.

4.            Through a program of assistance enable children in need to access education: Literacy centre.

5.            Offer a number of individual students the opportunity to access higher education: Scholarships.

6.            Providing technical education in relevant identified skills: vocational training.