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The high level of unemployment and the big social problem of Poipet and the Bantea Meanchey Province, is a main point to say that skill training formation is a duty for us to offer young boys and girls. It belongs also to the most original vocation of Don Bosco in Turin (19th Century) as a first goal to help his street children, abandon youth and exploited boys, to provide for them a kind of education enabling to gain a better life. Shops, as chapels, are a traditional part of any Salesian compound and our Don Bosco Children Home in Poipet is not the exception.


The trainee will be able to be a computer operator at a basic level. Course content will include: physical structures of a computer, elements of computer language, basic concepts of computer operation, input/retrieval of data, knowledge of the Internet.


The trainee will be prepared to undertake domestic installation either as an employee or on his own. Course contents include: basic physics of electricity, handling tools, materials and equipment, security measures and the installation, distribution and management of different kinds of circuits. Air conditioning installation and maintenance.

Typing / Office skills

The trainee will learn typing and other office preparations and procedures and will be able to work with either typewriters or words processors. Course content will include; writing, spelling editing, typing techniques, office procedures including correspondence handling, filing, telephone courtesy and office interpersonal skills.

Motorcycle and automotive skills.

The trainee will learn the basic principles of internal combustion engines, the working parts and engine operation and the basics of repair. They will also learn the function and operation of motorcycle and automotive systems and parts. In some cases, instructions will be on motorbikes and operations and on agricultural appliances depending on demand. Electrician for Motorcycle/Car and Auto body work and spray-body work will also be covered for students wishing to enter the profession.

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