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Youth Centre

What is Youth Pastoral?

Youth Pastoral regards the knowledge of the cultural context and of the youth situation for the inculturation of evangelical values and of the Salesian charism. Pastoral Youth is a very important part of our work as Salesians. It allows us to get in full contact with the concrete young people of a place in order to know their problems, needs, hopes and, therefore, to plan our activities. Youth Pastoral can not be seen as programs besides the school or activities just to have fun. Youth Pastoral activities complete fully the programs of the school and help the school to have the best quality. Youth Pastoral sees school and skill training as very important tools to help our young people and children to improve their life and their country. 

What are we doing in Poipet with Youth Pastoral?

Since Don Bosco Children Home in Poipet is a very new work, Youth Pastoral is making its first steps in approaching young people of the area. The most important activity is the plan of the Youth Centre that will have a wide area to meet with children, teenagers and young persons. In this case, Youth Pastoral has to work with other areas of our Salesian work in Poipet such as Social Work and Social Communication. The program "Don Bosco Moto-dop Poipet", for example belonging to Social Work Department, has much to do with Youth Pastoral, because the people involved in such a program are young men that work with the traditional Cambodian Moto-taxis.

Our groups

The following are the groups to be form in the academic year 2005-2006:

1. A boy scouts group for children, teenagers and young people.

2. Group of traditional Khmer dance for children and teenagers.

3. English class for children and teenagers.

4. Soccer championship games for boys (12 to 14 years old and 16 to 19 years old)

5. Volleyball games for girls  (12 to 14 years old and 16 to 19 years old)

Sport activities

Youth Pastoral Department in Poipet wants to improve the sport activities in the Don Bosco Children Home for children and teenagers of the area, as a way to help them to get into healthy activities that will keep them away from social dangers.

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