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Why Social Communication?

Social Communication is a very important area in modern life and it is so much vital in a work as this one of Don Bosco Children Home in Poipet, Cambodia. Thanks to daily information, many people around the world can know the reality of Poipet and Cambodia in general, and can give any kind of help. The Social Communication nets include all the Mass Medias around the planet and we have to be updated in those ones.

Our means of Social Communication.

Though we still have poor Mass Medias in our centre, but we are working to improve them. The first is that of Internet, unfortunately Internet connection in Poipet is very poor and slow. We have some emails that can be reach for our friends from around the world and this site too has to be improved much more.

The television signal is also poor in Poipet. Don Bosco Children Home would need a high antenna, so we could get national and international channels easily. Television is a very important means that can be used in our centre with educational and cultural programs coming from Cambodia and abroad. Connected to television sets, we have some video cds, but we have to get a projector.

Visual information in our centre is going well little by little. We have some boards that can be used as good spaces to communicate not only news and programs, but also values and campaigns.

We have published a small brusher about sexual abuse prevention in English for tourists who visit Cambodia. It is not because we believe much tourists come to Cambodia to abuse children, but because many tourists come just to enjoy the beauty of our country without knowing the sad reality of child abuse and trafficking. Many foreigners cross Poipet just with the blind eyes and take pictures of the smiling boys and girls who ask them a dollar in the street. Our Social Communication Department has the duty to inform those people of what happens in Cambodia and maybe they can give helping too. 

Our projects.

1. An Educational and Cultural Radio Station: Bantea Chey Province is one of the poorest region of Cambodia and it has the highest level of illiteracy in our country. Many children, teenagers and adults can not enter the educational centers of the country. A radio set, then, can be an excellent mean to get them. Cultural and educational programs given by radio have been successful in African and Latin American countries as well giving the opportunity to learn how to read and write, health preventions, prevention of natural disasters, prevention on child abuse and home violence and so forth. We could have Social Communication skill training for young people in Poipet or Phnom Penh so as to make them ready to realize this project in our province that has no radio stations yet.

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