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Where is Poitpet?


Poitpet is a border town (with Thailand) in the province of Banteay Mean Chey. It has a population of over 41,000 and approximately 25,000 are landless poor who are squatting on government or privately owned land.  

In terms of education, 76% of females and 65% of males have not completed primary level education in this province and these figures are likely to be considerably higher in Poitpet itself.

 40% of the provinces 744 school buildings are not adequate structures and only 18% are of concrete/brick structure.

 It is estimated that between 600-900 people enter Thailand illegally from Poitpet each month and many of these are trafficked children destined to work in the sex industry in Thailand and other countries. These children some as young as 3 have often been sold by the very people who are supposed to protect and keep them safe, their parents.


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